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Rebecca Long -- Downtown Berkeley 098 Golden Gate Bridge cyclists duo big cyclist group101 IMG_6732 IMG_6727 IMG_6725 IMG_6721 IMG_6718 IMG_6717 IMG_6713 IMG_6712Ellen Griffin photo -- Castro Valley High School Principal Blaine Torpey IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6705 IMG_6708 IMG_6710 IMG_6711 Dot Theodore - CVUSD School Board member and children with Billy Bradford diana & angela cyclists duo CarFreeBagStuffingBikesTrailers BTWD 2015 California & Channing (4) California & Channing (3) BikeWalnutCreek Bike-Concord-Karen-Mitchoff Arizmendi (1)Oakland - Credit Mary Ann Blackwell (13)  big cyclist group 20150514_093930 20150514_091427 20150514_080920 20150514_075036 20150514_072541 20150514_071626 20150514_064155 100  103 2015-05-14 Alameda County Supv Nate Miley 2015-05-14 Bruce Dughi BikeWalkCV and family 2015-05-14 CVHS Principal Blaine Torpey 20150514_060858 20150514_061848 20150514_064122 Rebecca rocks the bike Rebecca Long -- Downtown Berkeley John Green Elementary Kingmond Young -- Fremont Kaiser Energizer Station Kingmond Young photo -- Mayor Ed Lee kp peeps with ringsHere’s to great memories from 2015 BTWD!