Are you ready to ride on Thursday???? The weather forecast calls for sunshine and perfect riding conditions. So strap on your helmet, oil your bike chain, check your breaks, and get ready to join us! Stop by one of the 400 Energizer Stations scattered across the nine counties of the Bay Area — there’s definitely at least one if not more on your route to work. And don’t forget to get your 2016 commemorative bag when you do. Just think of the calories you’ll burn, the CO2 you WON’T be putting into the atmosphere, and the great time you’ll have in the process!

Know folks participating in the Team or Company Bike Challenges? Be sure to cheer them on all throughout the month of May as they rack up miles, really make a dent in CO2 emissions, and help our communities become even more bike friendly.

So get ready to ride Thursday. And be safe out there!