So, what better time to get out on your bicycle and start getting in shape for BTWD 2017 on May 11? Here are some things to consider as you “gear up” for the big day:

  1. If your bike has been sitting in the garage all winter, take it in for a tune-up. You want to make sure your gears and brakes work properly, your chain is well oiled, your tires are in good shape, etc. You definitely don’t want to roll it out to ride on BTWD and find out that it needs repairs!
  2. Make sure your helmet is in good shape. If it’s old, how about an upgrade to one of the new models? Make sure it fits your head snuggly and you know how to adjust the straps.
  3. Practice — both riding and riding in traffic. Unless you’re fortunate to be able to stay on bike/multi-use paths all the way to work, riding in traffic takes a little getting used to. If you’re not seasoned about riding in traffic, get out during quiet hours (i.e., NOT rush hour!) and get a feel for riding next to cars, using proper hand signals, learning to scan your surroundings, and more.
  4. Ride with friends. If you’re a new commuter — and even if you’re seasoned — commuting with others makes riding that much more enjoyable. Beginners, try riding with more experienced pedalers — they can help teach you some of the tricks that come with safe, fun bike commuting.
  5. Work someplace that supports bike commuting? Be sure to talk to your employer about the perks of riding to work and what they’ve got planned for BTWD!

Remember, being prepared will ensure that you have a great BTWD 2017. We can’t wait to see you out there!