April is here — which means it’s only a little over a month until Bike to Work Day 2017! Are you getting ready??? It’s time to start pedaling, getting used to riding in traffic, tuning up your bike and more. Let’s make 2017 the best BTWD yet!

Planning to participate in the Team Bike Challenge this year? Go to https://teambikechallenge.com/ , log in or sign up, download the app and get out there and start training. If you were registered last year, you’ll need to change your password this year to login. It should be a great year of competition for bragging rights across the Bay Area!

And finally, nominations for the Bike Communter of the Year have closed. Be sure to watch for information about this year’s

2016 BTWD: Ellie hitches a ride with owner Jason Thomas as he stops at an Energizer Station at Valencia and 17th Streets.
Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2016

winners at the end of the month in this space. Now get out there and ride!


BTWD 2016: Credit: Karl Nielsen

BTWD 2016: Four year-old Bennet Cooper, right, and sister Dylan Cooper, 2, grab schwag at the Market and 12th Street Energizer Station
Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2016