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What is Bike to Work Day?

Bike to Work Day (BTWD) is a celebration of bicycles as a fun and healthy way to get to work, as well as an opportunity for those who don’t usually bike commute to try it out! It’s also a time to advocate for improved bicycle infrastructure and safety. Bike Month and BTWD are observed around the country on different days, and Bay Area counties share the same BTWD during Bike Month in May.

When is Bike to Work Day?

The Bay Area’s 25th annual Bike to Work Day will take place on Thursday, May 9, 2019 with all nine Bay Area counties participating in the celebration. The event is part of National Bike Month.

What Happens on Bike to Work Day?

Energizer stations are located along Bay Area county commute routes where bicyclists can stop for refreshments, giveaways, and bicycling information  or to simply be “cheered on” by fellow participants. Energizer stations will be open during morning commute hours and some will re-open during the evening commute.  You can find more information about energizer station locations and local Bike to Work Week activities here.

Why Bike to Work?

More than one million Bay Area residents live within five miles of their workplaces, an ideal distance for bicycling. However, commuting to work only represents 23 percent of all trips made by car, so think about how you can also bike to shop, to school, for errands, and for social events. In a world concerned with climate change, pollution, and congestion, the question should really be “Why not bike to work?”

How many people in the Bay Area bike commute to work everyday?

In 2016, 1.8% of Bay Area residents biked to work — around 135,000 people — more than DOUBLE the number of bike commuters in 2013! And that doesn’t take into consideration those residents who use a bike as one part of their commute (vs. all of it), driven by the availability of bike-share bikes.   That’s a huge increase in a very short period of time!

Do I need to register for Bike to Work Day?

Registration is not necessary. However, by pledging to ride through your local county, you’ll stay connected with activities going on in your community — and have the chance to win a fantastic  trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula donated by Exodus Travel and Alaska Airlines!