Is your commute too long to bike the whole way? The combination of bicycles and transit provides the most flexible alternative to driving. Save money, avoid stressful rush hour waits and get some exercise by riding your bike to transit.

Want to bring your own bike on the mass transit of your choice? Check out these sites for information in your area:  East Bay,  San Francisco and other areas of the Bay Area, and Marin, to find information to make your commute easy.

Want to pick up a bike to help you complete get to and from your ultimate destination once you get off BART, Caltrain or a ferry? Check out the following bike share options:

In San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville, check out Ford GoBike

In San Francisco, you won’t even break a sweat using the all electric Jump bikes.

In many cities around the Bay Area, Lime bikes are at your service.