Encouraging your employees to commute by bicycle can help save your company money, while making your employees healthier and more productive. Check back here for new tools to help your employees switch to bicycle commuting. Need more evidence? Read here.

Why should I encourage my employees to bike to work?

Healthy workers are almost three times more effective at work than unhealthy workers.

How does encouraging employees to bike to work save our company money?

Businesses lose money whenever critical staff miss work due to health problems. Bicycling provides the doctor recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, which keeps employees healthier, health insurance costs down and prevents

Kelly Williams, head of Black Girls Do Bike Bay Area Chapter Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2015

unproductive sick days. As businesses grow, they often run out of parking spaces before they run out of office space, requiring expensive leases of additional parking space or expensive construction costs for multilevel parking structures

What does it cost to provide free parking to employees?

Donald Shoup estimated that companies pay about $750 per employee per year to provide free parking so it pays to promote biking to work. Read The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald C. Shoup for more information.

What savings in healthcare cost can companies achieve by encouraging bicycle commuting?

“People who exercise regularly have 14 percent lower claims against their medical insurance, 30 percent fewer days in the hospital, and have 41 percent fewer claims greater than $5,000.” (Feasibility Study: Corporate Wellness Program, City of San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services, 1988).